About us

In a world where more and more of our education, work and entertainment is passive, it’s important for our physical and mental wellbeing to stay active. Getting fit with Fitz is the easy, enjoyable way for families to feel better; about themselves, each other and life in general.

The brainchild of a former primary school head teacher, Fitz has been in development for over two years and pilot schemes with several schools have already demonstrated the benefits of making physical activity part of everyone’s daily life.

Did you know?

The Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines recommend that children should do an average of 60 minutes of physical activity every day; only 38% of parents are aware of this and 44% believe the target to be 30 minutes or less.

A pandemic problem solved.

69% of parents say that their children are less physically active now compared to a year ago. Only 15% said their children’s activity levels had not changed and 12% thought their children were now more active.

Now is the time.

The Youth Sport Trust and other sporting organisations have called for the rest of this academic year in schools to be an active recovery term for young people, with a renewed focus on sport, physical activity and physical education and time outdoors.

It’s what parents want.

Four in five parents now believe that schools should be ensuring that pupils physically active for at least 30 minutes every school day, with similar numbers calling for schools to provide at least two hours per week of PE for all.

It’s not sport, it’s Fitz.

The Fitz programme has been designed around the needs of families with children and aims to deliver active fun for all, without the need for any specialist gear or equipment.

Fitz works, in all weathers.

While it’s obviously better for all of us to enjoy being active outdoors, there are days – especially in winter – when the weather is against us. That’s why we have lots of things to do indoors too.

Taking part in the programme was life changing both for me as an individual and us as a family… it helped that other people from the school engaged in the programme so we were able to provide mutual support and ideas on activities to try.
Ann, Hastings