Change for the better

“We had fun following the calendar and the girls loved the competition.  They couldn’t wait to try and beat their peers. Plus it meant a good gloat they had beaten me too!

We started adding walks, scooters into our plans so that we could add it to the challenges. The staff had so much enthusiasm for the achievements and our goals.  we soon couldn’t wait to show them so we could prove we were ready for our awards.

Even now after we had completed the challenges we have stuck to a lot of the exercise and we all love a good family walk.

None of this would have happened without your help and support.”

Clare (Hastings)



“Before I started the process of becoming active and healthy, I was severely unfit and unhappy with my life. I had up to 9-12 grand mal epileptic seizures a day. My son is my carer and seeing him in pain after each seizure really broke my heart. I felt as if I had failed as a parent, he’s my best friend and seeing the pain in his eyes really hurt.

The programme opened up a really big door for us, I never thought we’d be able to stick to it but for two years we were so active, I went from being on the couch to running 5k and being more active with my son every day. I even stopped having seizures and I can proudly say I’m nearly three years seizure free.

Both mine and my son’s lives have changed for the better; we got fit and healthy and both lost weight. To this day I still make time for 30 minutes of fun workout together. I could never thank you enough for what you showed us.”

Kelly, Hastings