We’re a new business, so we rely on feedback, both good and bad. Happily, quite a few parents whose families took part in the pilot scheme have already written to us about their experiences, and we couldn’t be more delighted with what they had to say.
If you’d like to tell us your impressions of Fitz, just email We’d really love to hear from you.
The programme inspired me to invest in my fitness. It encouraged me to revisit activities I had previously enjoyed, when younger, and try new things. When I became more open to the flexibility of exercise, it was easy to fit some activity in to each day, to the benefit of my physical and mental health.
Mandy, Hastings
My children and I started the programme as a way of me being more active. I have high blood pressure and other health issues which meant I needed to be fitter. We had fun following the calendar and the girls loved the competition. They couldn't wait to try and beat their peers – and me! The staff had so much enthusiasm for our achievement and soon we couldn't wait to show them so we could prove we were ready for our awards. Now that we've completed the challenges we still do a lot of the exercises and we all love a good family walk. All thanks to you.
Clare, Hastings
My daughter was already active, but the programme got the whole family involved and before long Yoga Tuesday was just part of the bedtime routine. I loved how it built on many free activities and I noticed how we all benefited physically and mentally.
Natalie, Hastings
Taking part in the programme was life changing both for me as an individual and us as a family… it helped that other people from the school engaged in the programme so we were able to provide mutual support and ideas on activities to try.
Ann, Hastings
Before I started the process of becoming active and healthy, I was severely unfit and unhappy with my life… to this day I still make time for 30 minutes of fun workout together. I could never thank you enough for what you showed us.
Kelly, Hastings