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At Fitz we understand that life is busy, so we’ve designed a programme that fits around a full-on family life.

The programme is split into five levels, all of which can be tackled by children on their own or together with the whole family. We have also ensured they are low cost or no cost. As you complete each level you get a certificate of achievement, and you can also buy a medal to celebrate your success!

We’ve had lots of great feedback from people who took part in our pilot scheme, like this mum:

“Taking part in the programme was life changing both for me as an individual and us as a family; since we started we regularly make an effort to get active together in the evenings, going for walks and doing exercise videos – which has led to lots of laughter!

I don’t think long-term we would have made these lifestyle changes had we not received the level of support and encouragement that we did. It helped that other people from the school engaged in the programme so we were able to provide mutual support and ideas on activities to try.”