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Fitz is a physical activity programme for primary schools.

Its aim is to promote physical activity in children and their families outside the school environment. The Chief Medical officer for England recommends 60 minutes of physical activity a day for children aged 5 to 18. 30 minutes of that should be completed in schools. Fitz supports the rest.

Fitz is a 20+ week programme that encourages children and families to gently increase their levels of activity, leading to establishing healthy habits.

Fitz is broken down into five different levels. At each level we suggest low cost or no cost activities that fit into a busy family lifestyle. Some activities also have a downloadable sheet for you to read and refer to.

All our activities are designed to be adaptable for people of all ages and abilities, so nobody should feel left out.

With over forty downloadable sheets, and over a hundred activities, there’s something for everybody to get you active and just having fun outdoors and indoors!

  • Level 1 (4 weeks) – an introduction in to getting active and just requires 45 minutes of activity per week.
  • Level 2 (4 weeks) – increases activity to 1.5 hours per week. This can be split into chunks of time, ideally getting active everyday.
  • Level 3 (8 weeks) – increases 2.5 hours per week this can be split up into blocks of 15 or 30 minutes of activity.
  • Level 4 (4 weeks) – increases to 3.5 hours per week and with those 30 minutes a day in school ensure 60 minutes of activity per day as recommended by the CMO.
  • Level 5 (ongoing) – has monthly challenges and supports healthy habits.